By train, car or plane: numerous possibilities to get to Luxembourg. Different means of transport enable everyone to travel easily inside Luxembourg.



    Getting to Luxembourg

    National airline Luxair

    The national carrier Luxair connects Luxembourg with the main European airports. Being a full member of the Miles & More programme, Luxair Luxembourg Airlines offers its loyal customers all the benefits of this world wide programme.

    Several flights a day to Paris, Madrid, Porto, Lisbon, Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Milan, Geneva, London city, Dublin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, Berlin, ...

    An air-taxi operates at the airport. T +352 26 43 65 - 1, F +352 26 43 65 - 366, E-mail: .

    The bus service of the city of Luxembourg connects the airport with the centre of town and the station (price: 1,50 €, ticket valid for 2 hours). The price for taxi ride from the airport to the station is about ± 20 €. For all information concerning time-tables and fees, please apply directly to:

    T +352 2456 4242


    The new Luxembourg air terminal (2008) welcomes 13 airlines serving 24 countries and 70 airports with over 800 flights a week on average.

    T +352 2464-0

    TGV EST: Paris - Luxembourg 2h05

    Since June 10th 2007 the TGV (high speed train) replaces the express trains between Paris and Luxemburg. The journey between the two capital cities is now reduced to two hours and five minutes, instead of over four full hours before. This gain of time must add to the comfort and the easiness of the train traffic between both cities. Four round trips a day will take passengers from Paris (Gare de l'Est) to Luxemburg or vice versa. 

    T +352 2489-2489

    National Railway Company

    CFL mobile is designed to meet the needs of train passengers all over Europe. Your journey in Luxembourg and across Europe is much easier thanks to CFL mobile, the app that allows you to prepare your journey according to your personal requirements. From departure to arrival, all the information and connections are at your fingertips.

    CFL mobile is available in French, German and English.

    > iOS
    > Android

    Public Transport in Luxembourg

    Practically every locality has train or bus connections.


    • network ticket costing 4 € (valid for an unlimited number of trips) for one day from punching until 8 AM the next day. The 5-tickets-leaflet costs 16 €.
    • for small trips you can buy "short distance" tickets at 2,00 € each, valid for two hours. You will have a 10 ticketspack for 16 €.

    Conveyance of bicycles free of charge (if enough space is available). The information office at Luxembourg station is open daily from 6 AM to 10 PM. Public transport is free of charge with the Luxembourg Card. Departure and arrival hours of public transport are found at the bus stops and at the stations.

    >, +352 2465-2465 (timetables for nat. and internat. trains)
    > (timetables for busses and trains in Luxembourg)

    Getting around Luxembourg

    Car Hire

    If you need a car you have a large choice of car rental companies in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

    Airport Luxembourg | L-1110 Findel
    T +352 43 75 75-1 | F +352 43 60 14
    5, Z.l. de la Poudrerie | L-3364 Leudelange
    T +352 26 370 370 | F +352 26 370 170
    Airport Luxembourg | L-1110 Findel
    T +352 43 46 45 | F +352 42 03 51
    ADA Location de véhicules
    30, rue des Scillas | L-2529 Howald
    T +352 49 94 48 | F +352 49 94 49
    Avis Airport
    T +352 43 51 71 | F +352 42 27 49
    Axus Luxembourg
    270, route d'Arlon | L-8010 Strassen
    T +352 31 05 36-1 | F +352 31 75 38
    Europcar Airport
    L-1110 Findel
    T +352 43 45 88 | F +352 42 51 78
    Aral Center Diekirch
    26, route d'Ettelbruck | L-9230 Diekirch
    T +352 80 40 44 | F +352 80 21 36
    Mobil: +352 621 19 88 65
    P.O. Box 147 | L-2011 Luxembourg
    T +352 22 11 81 | F +352 46 53 14

    Sixt Luxembourg
    ⊚ Route de Trèves | ⊚ Arrival Hall Level -1
    L-1110 Luxembourg-Findel


    2,47 € pick-up charge, 1,02 € per km, 2,03 € per km (return trip included), waiting 0,33 € per minute. Night-tariff: + 10-35 %.

    Benelux Taxis
    T +352 40 38 40
    F +352 49 31 93
    Taxis Colux
    T +352 48 22 33
    F +352 40 26 96
    City Taxis Centrale
    T +352 48 00 58
    F +352 40 47 14
    T +352 40 52 52-1
    F +352 40 48 88

    For further information please contact the phone number +352 42 45 11 - 1.

    Extract from the highway code

    • Every driver of a motor vehicle with foreign registration must produce on demand:
      1. a current driving licence valid in his own country;
      2. a current registration certificate or licence for the vehicle in his charge;
      3. a valid insurance certificate, except if according to the laws of his country such a certificate isn't required.
    • The driver of a vehicle with foreing registration must comply with conditions relating to age and capacity named in the laws of the country of registration.
    • Motorcyclists must use dipped headlights even by day.
    • Use of the horn is restricted to emergency situation
    • Speed is limited to 50 km/h in all built-up areas in the country. In addition, the speed limit outside built-up areas is 90 km/h. This limit is raised to 130 km/h on motorways. For vehicles which are towing (including cars towing caravans), the speed limit is 75 km/h outside built-up areas, and 90 km/h on motorways.  The speed limits apply even where this is not indicated by signposts. Any exceptions to these limits are marked.
    • As indicated by signs, parking in certain zones is allowed only with a properly displayed parking disc. Parking meters are also in use. Special parking places are assigned for disabled persons (wheelchair symbol).
    • Wearing a seat belt is compulsory on all seats (front and back) which are equipped with.
    • Tyre tread must be at least 1.6 mm deep all over the surface.
    • Winter tires.
      From october 1st, each conductor of an anywhere matriculated vehicle has to apply M & S winter tires for circulation on the national road networks, but only in the case of glazed frost, freezing rain, snowmelt, heavy snow. Moto coaches and busses have only to apply winter tires on their spindle with pinion. Mopeds, motorcycles, tri- or simple four cycles are not concerned by the new regulations. Nor are vehicles for which M &S winter tires do not exist.
    • In the event of an infringement, officers of police may impose a fine, if the driver is aged over 18 years, and pays them the fine immediately, which may vary between 24 and 145 €, depending on the degree of seriousness of the offence. An alcohol level in the blood of less than 0.5 g/l is allowed and testing is by alcohol test or by alcohol meter.

    Motorists who are members of an AIT or FIA-Club should apply to the Automobile Club of Luxembourg for any advice or assistance they may need while travelling in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. The ACL assures a permanent road service.

    Automobile Club du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (ACL)
    54, route de Longwy
    L-8007 Bertrange

    Offices are open from Monday to Friday from de 8.30 AM to 6 PM.
    Break-down service 24h/24.

    T +352 26000