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One of the main tourist centres in the Grand-Duchy, located on a vast tableland overlooking the valleys of the Black Ernz, the Sure and the Aesbach. 300 acres of forest.

Grundhof, Bollendorf-Pont and Weilerbach are situated on the banks of the Sure, at the entrance of the Mullerthal region and the German-Luxembourgish Nature Park.•

Route 2 of the Mullerthal-Trail and many local circular hiking routes lead through silt marshes, past caves, grottos and crevices to superb viewpoints on ledges at dizzying heights. The most famous rock formations are: Perecop, Hohllay, Teufelsinsel, Predigtstuhl, Roitzbachschlüff, Tour Malakoff, Labyrinth, Siebenschlüff, ...