Drive & Hike Tour - 14 km

Drive & Hike Tour - 14 km

Duration: 3 stage(s)

Tour stage 1

Tour stage 2

Tour stage 3

The Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland has a lot to offer:

  • beautiful panoramic views
  • fascinating rock formations
  • impressive culture and history.

Discover all this via car, motorbike or coach.

Scheidgen - Consdorf - Konsdrefer Millen - Müllerthal - Consdorf - Scheidgen

Departure - Arrival : Scheidgen

Km Via Direction
0,0 Scheidgen   Parking next to church: Dachselee, Herrgottskapp
1,1 Consdorf ◎↑ Christnach/Larochette
2,7 Parking Konsdrefer Millen: Kuelscheier, Rittergang, Déiwepëtz
3,4   Christnach
6,6 Breidweiler-Pont Beaufort/Berdorf
7,1   Parking Mëllerdall: Schéissendëmpel
8,6 Müllerthal Consdorf/Echternach
10,2   Consdorf/Echternach
12,6 Consdorf ◎↑ Scheidgen/Echternach




B.P. 152
L-6402 Echternach
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Fax: +352 72 75 24

Stage 1

Hike: Dachselee | Herrgottskapp

On this tour, you will explore impressive rock formations and caves! In Scheidgen, leave the car next to the church and follow the footpath "Auto-Pédestre" (blue triangle on a white background). You will walk past the rock formations Dachselee and Herrgottskapp. When you leave the forest, you turn back right to the parking area.

Walking distance: 3 km; duration: 50 min.


Stage 2
Konsdrefer Millen

Hike: Kuelscheier | Rittergang | Déiwepëtz

You then drive through Consdorf towards Mullerthal. Leave your car at the parking lot of Konsdrefer Millen, cross the road and turn left into the woods. Following the Mullerthal Trail, you will pass through the narrow passages of Rittergang and Déiwepëtz and then get to the dark crevice of Kuelscheier. This tour is not suitable for claustrophobic people; you need a flashlight. At the pond, you turn left and go back.

Walking distance: 3.5 km; duration: 75 min.


Stage 3

Hike: Schéissendëmpel

You continue towards Mullerthal and turn right at the bridge Breidweiler-Pont. (By coach, you should turn right before, at the first crossroads after Konsdrefer Millen, direction Mullerthal). After 300 m, you leave the car in the parking lot and walk to the cascade called Schéissendëmpel.

Walking distance from the parking and back: 1 km.

In the village of Mullerthal, you can stop at the Touristcenter Heringer Millen, where you can rent hiking equipment for free. Drive back to Scheidgen via Consdorf.